Embossed Easter Candles

This candles are made specially for the occasion of Easter. The wick of this candle is copper wired to keep the wick steady all the time when it is burning for the whole year. This is decorated with holy cross in red colour and five holes in prominent places of the cross to use incense in special occasions. The year marking with alpha and omega is also made. Price of the candle is fixed purely on weight of wax. The mix of wax in this candle is specially made to get more white colour to the candle and also burning duration is more than normal candles available in the market. By the Grace of God, we have covered 80% of the Easter Candle Sale in Bombay. The Glass tube in side the Candle protects the candle from bending and you can break the tube above the candle when it is burned down. A plastic ring (Drip-Guard) in the burning area with holds the melted wax and increases the life of the candle. This candles are made in special moulds of different sizes such as 1 ½ feet, 2 feet 2 ½ feet and 3 feet (diameter 3 inches and 3 1/2 inches or more in plain candle.).